Nimis Sculpture by Giåm

I was looking over my web visitor logs and the post with by far the most visitors is my Nimis visit post. It's clear there are a lot of people searching the internet for instructions and maps on how to get to Nimis.

That gave me the excuse to play with Google Maps, and create a Nimis Map with a short description on how to get there.


I hope this helps you out, and I'd love to hear your comments about Nimis, and your own trip there.

Archery by Ian Sane

As a web site owner you will get a number of accounts to different services, or different parts of your web site. In this post I’ll show you how important they are, and how hackers may abuse access to those services, and how to protect them.

1.    DNS account.
What it does.

Rose's invitation by Manuel_Marin

Using 2 add-on modules to Drupal we can configure “Guest Blogger” functionally on our site, and then take a break while allowing trusted friends to publish without having to give them full permissions.

When I first got this question I thought we had all the functions we needed straight out of the box, but not so. The biggest limitation with regard to Drupal and “guest blogging” is that our guest bloggers only get one attempt at writing the post. As soon as they click “save” it is automatically published.

Out of Time - Not that relevant to this post, but I just like the Photo

I got a great question the other day, asking How Do You Choose Your Post Titles?, and I thought I would share the process I use.

The guiding principle I follow is “Choose which battles you want to fight”


What do I mean?