Drupal Guest Blogger Set Up

Rose's invitation by Manuel_Marin

Using 2 add-on modules to Drupal we can configure “Guest Blogger” functionally on our site, and then take a break while allowing trusted friends to publish without having to give them full permissions.

When I first got this question I thought we had all the functions we needed straight out of the box, but not so. The biggest limitation with regard to Drupal and “guest blogging” is that our guest bloggers only get one attempt at writing the post. As soon as they click “save” it is automatically published.

This publish only option isn’t a show stopper, but everyone I know likes to save, preview, and possibly go and get photos to add to their post later. I personally have never written a post in one go without any revisions, so it’s a little unfair to expect our guest bloggers to be perfect with their writing.

The first module we need to solve this is “Override Node Options

Once this is installed, you can head over to the permissions page of your Drupal web site, and you should see these extra options available to you.

Extra Permissions available after installing Override_Node_Permissions

As you can see I’ve created a “Guest Blogger” role (listed at the top) and ticked the extra options Override blog authored on option, Override blog promote to front page option & (the most important) override blog published option.


Now when our Guest Blogger finishes a post they can see the menu options to mark the post as published – or not published so they can come back later, and that brings me on to problem number 2.

If the post is not published, once our guest blogger leaves the page it is impossible to get back to it. Only users with full permissions can see unpublished content.

The second module we need is so useful, it is probably already installed – Drupal Views.

If necessary, go and install it, and give your administrators permissions to administer views. We will create a view for our guest bloggers to see their own unpublished work, but the guest bloggers don’t need to change the view, so let’s not give them permissions they don’t need.

Configure Views to show<br />
Unpublished Content

Here is the View I created. Note that in Filters I’ve removed the default Filter of “Node:Published = Yes” obviously that has got to go. Instead I’ve limited the Node:Type to only be “Blog entry”. You can give them access to more content types if they need them. I’ve also set a second filter “User:Current=Yes”. This is especially useful if you have more than 1 guest blogger. This means that the same page can be viewed by different guest bloggers, but they only see their own work listed. Under Basic Settings I’ve set Access : Multiple roles. Obviously you want “Guest Blogger” role to have access to this view, and I’ve added the Administrator roles as well. Don’t forget to give your Page a path (under the Page settings at the bottom), and most important of all, enable the Menu option so that your guest bloggers now have a way to navigate to their unpublished content.

Now it's time to catch the plane to that place in the sun, where you can rest easily knowing that your guest bloggers can update your site, while at the same time we have stopped them touching anything they shouldn’t.


Image by Manuel_Marin


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