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During the upgrade process the advice on the Drupal site is to

“Turn off (but do not uninstall) all modules that are not core modules. Be sure to keep a record of which non-core modules you are using”

That last sentence can be quite a task when you have lots of modules added on to Drupal, and if you have a Drupal store you can easily have 50+ modules that need turning off, but the real issue is noting them down, so you can re-enable them after the upgrade.

Here’s how I do it with 1 click of the mouse.


We are going to use a free add-on to Firefox, so if you’ve not installed it yet, download the latest version of Firefox.

Open Firefox, and go to the add-on page for “Pearl Cresent Page Saver Basic”. Installing it as simple as clicking the big green “Add to Firefox” button.

Then in the Firefox menus go Tools > Add-ons – Highlight “Pearl Cresent Page Saver Basic” > Options.

This is how I’ve configured mine

Page Saver General Tab


Page Saver Image Capture Tab


Once this is setup you will see a camera icon appear in the top right corner of Firefox.

So when you get the stage in the upgrade process that says “Be sure to keep a record of which non-core modules” simple go to the modules page on the administrator page of your site, and click the camera icon.


A Screen capture of all the enable modules is saved to your machine. Job Done


Image by Diego 3336


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