Optimize Post Titles for Maximum Readership

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I got a great question the other day, asking How Do You Choose Your Post Titles?, and I thought I would share the process I use.

The guiding principle I follow is “Choose which battles you want to fight”


What do I mean?

Well I started this post with a working title of “How to choose blog titles”, however before I hit publish and did a quick Google search to check out the competition. For the record if there are 500,000 hits or less then I’ll go for it. I’m not saying I’ll dominate those searches, but it shows that there is enough people thinking about this, and with half a million hits across the whole internet, it is not a hugely competitive area. So back to my working title – How many hits for How to choose blog titles – As of today 181,000,000 hits!. Too many


Next idea

Best way to pick post names - 102,000,000 hits! Still too many but at least the number is coming down

Google results = 102,000,000 hits


optimise titles for maximum readership - 840,000 more like it, but still too competitive


optimise post title for maximum readership - only 9.680

That’s it then, well no actually. When I did that search there was a “Google suggest - optimize post title for maximum readership”. Now as a Brit it just feels wrong to spell optimise with a Z. I know, I know, I feel dirty just typing it with a Z, but there are large numbers of users who are guided by these “Google suggestions” so if you’re choosing a post title, and Google suggests something, I would go with their suggestion, everytime.


There is one other thing I wanted to tell you about. If you take your “Working title” and do a Google search. Then in the banner at the top choose “Show Options”, then choose “Wonder Wheel”, you get to see similar searches around the topic. You can go down one spoke of the wheel into a related area, use this to brainstorm ideas for other suitable titles. Don’t forget to check each possible title to see how many hits you are competing with .This Wonder Wheel is driven by the “Google Suggest” and shows the most common spelling so you can pick a Title that has a level of interest, while not been too competitive, and thereby giving you a better chance of being chosen instead of being drowned out.

Googles Wonder Wheel


Image by Orvalrochefort


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