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Whenever I talk to clients about their domain name, there is the assumption that it will always start with www. but it doesn't need to be.

The www part is optional. If you still don’t believe me consider these web sites

So when should you use www, and when not?

Some people say you should never use www, but I don’t agree with them all the time. 

Web sites are so ubiquitous now that if you web site ends in .com, or the country specific code that your target audience live in ( in England, or .se in Sweden) then you can safely drop www. from the front. If you are using the country letters to finish your name (like then I think you need to signal to your audience that it is a web site with either www. or http:// at the beginning of the name.

Same goes if you use an unusual country code - like

Is it really a big deal?

No - not a major deal but it is important that you choose one or the other – www. or no www. and here’s why. All modern search engines do some sort of analysis on links pointing to your website, and if you have both addresses available, then you are splitting the number of links across two addresses. If you only have one URL, you concentrate all your links onto one home page, and that means the search engines will give your site the full credit it deserves.

What about those people who type in www before the domain name – what happens to them?

Ask your web designer, or your Web hosting support to redirect the name you’re not using to the name you have chosen to put on your business card. If you visit you should notice that the www. bit get automatically removed.


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