Nimis Map

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Go North along the 111 coast road. Once you've gone through town of Nyhamnsläge you need to look out for signs to Östra Kullabergs Nature Reserve and Himmelstorp - The Blue Marker on the Map.

Himmelstorp is an 18th century farm house that is located inside the Nature Reserve and is well signposted. You will need to park your car in one of the Nature Reserve car parks, and go by foot to Himmelstorp.

Once at the farm house you'll need to look around for stones, or trees with the letter N painted on them. These N signs will guide you the whole way to Nimis - The Red marker on the Map.

You need to be quite fit, as it involves a 40 minute walk through the forest, and down towards the Kullen Ridge. I should warn you that there is one small scramble across rocks that have a steep fall to one side. Children will need help with this, and adults with vertigo will need support as well, but I strongly recommend you overcome your fears and visit Nimis.


If you zoom in on the Red marker you will see the resolution is not very clear, but the pointy shadows of the Nimis towers can clearly be seen


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Himmelstorp Farm House

Nimis N Signs

Entrance to Nimis



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